It’s been a while but finally, we started the production of a new game! This time it’s not a Metroidvania, visual novel, or a casual mobile game (not yet anyway). It’s a brawler with simple controls. Easy to learn, hard to master kind of a thing. I’m not gonna explain it, just watch the trailer:

The Free Demo

Or if the trailer didn’t cut it actually go ahead and play the game!

This is our progress so far. We are planning to keep this demo up to date and free. Potentially, we may add local multiplayer modes (coop and vs). So make sure to regularly check out the itch page. Or even better follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Speaking of updates let’s talk about the full version! As I mentioned above there will be two-player modes. Basically the same game but with friends. Nothing special there. The main attraction, as we see it, will be the rogue-lite story mode.

The story mode will include different levels, biomes, environmental destruction, minor puzzles, upgrades/modifiers, boss fights, and branching paths. We are hoping to produce 4-5 hours of content in the full version.

This is the plan anyway. Of course, it can (and probably will) during the development process. In fact, the game has changed quite a lot since itsĀ inception at Ludum Dare. Most of the changes were made after we receive feedback from players. And we continue to listen to you. Don’t hesitate to write if you have any complaints or suggestions in mind!

We will try to post regular updates and dev diaries, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow us on social media! Talk to you soon (I hope).

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